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Independent data that helps your b2b advertisers optimize ROI.
Better for you. Better for advertisers. Better for business.
Stand Out
Stand Out
Get More Meetings
Every advertiser wants more customer information. BAXTER reports allow you to deliver the most in your industry.
Be More Relevant
Be More Relevant
Engage More Advertisers
Without data, ad sales become boring and irrelevant. A steady flow of BAXTER data cultivates buyer interest and engagement.
Lead Your Industry
Sell More Advertising
BAXTER exclusivity sets your brand apart from the competition to increase advertiser loyalty and ad sales.
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Get More Meetings | Engage More Advertisers | Sell More Advertising

Go beyond performance data, with a credible forecast of each campaign's success and actionable diagnostics to help advertisers improve their ads.
Gain new insights into your editorial and ad readership, including their purchasing involvement, preferred info sources, demographics and more.
Give your advertisers direct audience feedback, with reader comments on each studied ad and on advertisers' companies (w/ certain study programs).
Enable every advertiser to benchmark and track changes to their ad performance over time, using intuitive advertiser microsites hosted by BAXTER.
Help advertisers track and predict their ads' success using data on preliminary and active buying behaviors of respondents who recall seeing the ad.
Maximize ad sales by timing your studies so that you're presenting a new report and selling the next study issue in one meeting.
Track editorial interest with through-the-book, three-point analysis of over 20 editorial items, plus time spent reading, reading frequency and more.
Be a fly on the wall—receive reader comments on your magazine, sometimes including permission to contact the reader for attribution.
Get the critical support you need to succeed in this constantly changing industry, with ongoing customer service, training, retraining and technical support.

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